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Niagara Regional Athletics is the oldest operating Track and field club in the Niagara region, established in 1974



Our goal is to educate through sport using a safe and fun environment. The athletes are guided into events best suited to fit the needs of the individual and to promote maximum growth in the sport.


For the younger athlete, our emphasis is on fun, fitness, skill development and learning the basics of good competition.

As the athlete matures, the emphasis moves toward the specialization in one or more events. This progression approach takes into account the development of the athlete from childhood to adulthood. Improvement of the individual depends upon his/her commitment to training and following the coaching strategy. When an individual demonstrates this, at the very least they will learn regimen, self-discipline, and a sense of what it takes to be. . .


 NRA Constitution

Code of Conduct


NRA Board of Directors

  • Wayne Rae– President
  • Terry Lapp - Vice-President
  • Tammy Bush – Club Registrar
  • Barbara Gualtieri – Secretary
  • Tricia Sheehan - Treasurer
  • Tereza Rae - Assistant Registrar
  • Kevin Knight – Athletic Director
  • Jane Young – Liaison/Media
  • Julie Fennell – Clothing
  • Isaac Lapp, Kayleigh Bush -- Athlete Reps


NRA Coaches

  • Kevin Knight
  • Jane Haist
 Distance and Mid Distance
  • Wayne Rae
 Jumps and Multi Events
  • Paul Peebles
  • Kelly Saldutto
  • Sue Bartol
  • Scott Paul
 MTA Group
  • Head Coach- Phil Moreau
  • Asistant Coaches- Jackie Crawford, John Kennedy
 Assistant Coaches
  • Andy Kore
  • Barbara Gualitieri
  • Peter Lapp
  • Terry Lapp
  • Mickey Samuel
  • Jordan Gale
  • George Van Zeyl
  • Mark Soppitt
  • Amiel Chois
  • Scott O'Conner

If you have any Questions or Concerns please call Wayne Rae at 289-228-2077

We can be reached at:

 Niagara Regional Atheletics

148 Derbyshire Dr, Ridgeway, ON, L0S 1N0

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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